Connecting climate and financial performance

Weatherisus has developed Physicalclimaterisks., the first physical climate risk assessment tool entirely dedicated to business decision makers. This tool empowers businesses to invest in adaptation and resilience, and seize opportunities related to climate change, while complying with accounting and sustainable reporting requirements. Physicalclimaterisks. equips decision-makers with comprehensive historical and projected metrics for each peril and each asset. This enables objective assessment of any investment intended to reduce risks, reduce periods of business interruption, maintain employee productivity and health, and improve borrowing conditions and insurance premiums.

Weatherisus physical risk analysis: a TCFD and CSRD-compliant risk management tool

The financial cost of climate change is becoming increasingly apparent as its effects grow in severity and frequency. To take action and strengthen their financial and economic resilience, businesses need to identify and quantify their exposure to physical risks. Physicalclimaterisks. has been designed and developed in collaboration with end-user business managers to best meet their operational and financial needs. The solution meets the specifications they have identified:
  • A transparent and auditable methodology
  • Certified and open-access climate data
  • Output that can be understood and incorporated into investment decisions
  • Risk measures that can be tailored to the needs of each asset and business
  • A standardised risk assessment method that allows comparisons from one asset to another
  • Output compatible with regulatory requirements
  • A tool that can be brought in-house as the company’s in-house abilities grow
  • An cost-effective tool
Physicalclimaterisks. automatically generates a risk assessment report that complies with regulatory requirements (TCFD, CSRD) and can be made available to industrial and financial partners in the company’s value chain.

Weatherisus helps companies to map climate risks and act to adapt​

Climate change and climate variability are increasing sources of operational and financial risk for many small, medium, and large companies.

With climate change, climate variability has considerably risen over the past decades and is expected to continue to rise over the next twenty years, no matter how fast GHG emissions take place. This implies that companies must act to adapt.

We track the evolution of the risk and the value of the potential payment of the protection throughout the protection period, notify the beneficiary of our product when payment is triggered and automatically settle based on the value of climate index.

Our Company

Founded in 2019 by a team of corporate risk management experts and climate scientists, Weatherisus operates from Angers and London, offering data-driven analysis and advice, and financial protection against climate risks.

The creation of Weatherisus was based on the recognition that climate risk is systemic, local, and specific and requires a new approach. The climate risk analysis we have developed is based on the cross-analysis of climate and business data and relies on a multidisciplinary team combining skills in algorithmic data processing, risk modeling, corporate finance, and climatology.

We invest in research, innovation, data, and people, to provide the most cost-effective climate risk management solutions, and create value, financial performance, and opportunities for our clients and their customers, and our partners.